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BWF SA - established in 2018, manufactur
Business Wear Factory  (BWF)- the leadin

superior design.

quality. value.

Business Wear Company (BWF) was established in 2018. The founders’ inherent impetus for innovation and the need for constant product improvement are key to its pioneering effort and being a leader in the industry to date. BWF’s garment manufacturing facility is always a test bed for development in order to provide high quality garments to its clientele and achieve a superior competitive standing.
In 2019, Saudi Arabia - known for its oil and gas and petrochemical industries - started focusing on the importance of workplace safety and standards.  Companies in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors adopted safety standards aimed at providing safety garments for employees, among others. BWF was born to answer the need of locally based lines of production for safety garments that meet the international standards and at the same time, provide comfort for the wearer in generally hot climates like Saudi Arabia.  To further assure safety and quality, an arrangement was established. This enables BWF to produce garments based on Lenzing FR fabrics, meeting high standards and providing the best wearing experience for the clients.
All logistic arrangements and supply chain requirement agreements have been achieved with the cooperation of both Lenzing Ag, an Austrian fiber manufacturer and Taesan Group, the weaver in Korea. This manufacturing set up facilitates an optimum level of Fire Resistant (FR) fabrics’ supply requirements, assures production in line with international standards (NFPA) and provides the industries with reliable locally manufactured safety garments.


To be the leading Saudi Arabian company that produces high valued safety clothing that is recognized globally through its local brands.
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OUR mission:

Our mission is to create an apparel company that can offer superior design, quality and value to the consumer. We will accomplish this through commitment to offer great service and real value to our business partners and consumers.
We will provide high standards in producing safety garments and excel in servicing our clients.

we are UL certified

We are proud to announce we are the only protective garment manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia that is UL certified. 
BWF is UL certified. Learn more at bwf.s
This truly reflects the quality, care and thought that goes into every protective clothing we manufacture. Rigorous and strict processes have been instituted to ensure that all our protective garments meet the demands of work.

the companies we keep

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